Bequeathit is the absolute best way to share meaningful experiences with the people in your life. Send a photo, video or GIF to help you say congrats, thanks, sorry, pass something along or really whenever something inspires you to express your feelings.  Bequeathit ensures your sentiment is perfectly conveyed and captures these special moments so they can be recalled by those that were a part of them or shared with others.  We created Bequeathit to be the place where you can feel confident about being sincere and thoughtful.  We provide you with unique privacy options to control the audience whether you are the sender or recipient of a message.

While using the features and service provided by Bequeathit you will share some information with us, some of which you may consider personal or private.  We wish to inform you about the information we gather, how it may be used or shared and the tools we provide you to control your information when sent by you or to you from another user.

About Information

Information is received by Bequeathit when users interact with Bequeathit and when users authorize the transfer of information from a third party.  Some of this information requires your authorization and some user settings can limit what information is shared.

Usage Generated Information

When you interact with our services you will inevitably share information with us.  After all, sharing information is the purpose of Bequeathit.  When using our services, we collect information about the features and services you’ve used and the manner with which you’ve used them.  This can include collecting information relating to the available options you’ve selected, the frequency and type of usage, your manner of usage as well as settings you’ve applied to your use of our services.  

Information is also provided from the content you include with your Bequeathit interactions.  This may include the metadata that is provided with content, which services are used with the content and information relating to the viewing of the content.  Information is also provided by you when you select to share content created during your use of Bequeathit. The sharing of some content created during your use of Bequeathit can be enabled or disabled by you in your user settings while some information created during your use of Bequeathit will always be collected.  An example of information sharing that can be enabled or disabled would be reaction videos.  An example of information that is always shared would be the emoji interactions and selections added to your Bequeaths.

Information may also be provided by your mobile device which can include the hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers (including mobile phone number), browser type, language and wireless and/or mobile network information.  Information from your device may also be collected to assist us in diagnosing and troubleshooting problems with our services.  With the appropriate permissions from you, we will collect images, videos and GIF’s stored on your device’s memory. Information related to or used to determine your location can also be collected if your permission is provided. 

Certain information will be collected during your use of the services we provide. This information may include access frequency and duration, features used, content viewed, selections made, details about these interactions and other information we feel is relevant for us to continue to provide Bequeathit services or to improve your experience and the delivery of our services.

Third Party Information

With appropriate permission, we may collect information provided by third parties.  For example; we may receive data from Facebook about your user profile to simplify the process of signing up for our services.  We may also receive information about you from other users through existing electronic connections or their interactions with you during their use of our services.   Information may also be received from other third-party sources which may be combined with other information we have previously or will collect through your use of our services.

Information Usage

Our primary goal is to understand how you and other users interact with Bequeathit.  We strive to provide a unique and lasting experience for our users and this information will help us improve and tailor our services to meet this special purpose.  We will also be able to better deliver and maintain our services while possibly enhancing security if we feel it’s warranted.  The information may also be used to communicate with you or to notify you of activity on our services, make recommendations about our services and personalize them to enhance your user experience. 

Privacy settings may impact where or the manner with which information is stored; information may be stored either locally on your device or on our servers.   By using Bequeathit you are consenting to our processing and transferring of information within and to the United States and potentially other countries whose data-protection and privacy laws may offer fewer protections than those in your home country.

How We Share Information

When using our services certain public information will be shared between users which can include your username, profile picture and activity on our services.  Public information may also include information that you have provided us with consent to share.  Your interactions with Bequeathit services will be shared with another user and potentially a broader group of users depending on your privacy setting for each interaction.  If an interaction is set to private by the sender it will appear only to the sender and recipient.  If an interaction is set to public by the sender but made private by the recipient it will appear only to the sender and recipient.  If an interaction is set to public mutually by the sender and recipient it will appear to the sender, recipient and a broader audience of users for potential viewing. 

Information may also be shared with service providers and partners. In order to deliver our services we may share information with providers who are performing services on our behalf.  Partners who assist us in providing services and functionality or offer features and services within Bequeathit may also receive information.  We may also share your information to comply with any legal process, government request, or applicable law, rule, or regulation.  We may use information or share it with outside vendors when related to potential security, safety or fraudulent activity concerns.  We may also use information in a similar manner to investigate and resolve any potential Terms of Service concerns.  Information that has been de-identified and cannot reasonably be used to identify you may be shared with third parties for financial or other business reasons.

Content Handling

Bequeathit messages are emotional and meaningful in nature.  The way your content is handled is equally as important to us as the user experience we provide you.  Since the personal meaning of a moment or experience can be very different between a sender and recipient we require mutual consent for a message to be public.  Messages are not posted until the recipient has the opportunity to review the privacy setting.  For added protection, when your messages are set as private they are segregated by Bequeathit to offer additional protection.   

The content you create, typically photos, videos, text or audio files, while using Bequeathit services will be stored locally on your device as well as being sent to our servers for delivery.  The exceptions to this are saved messages and reaction videos.  When you choose to save a message in order to complete the contents of your incomplete message later, it is stored locally on your device until you complete and send it to Bequeathit for delivery.  Reaction videos are also stored locally when permitted and sent to our servers if and when you include them in your responses.  There is also an available user setting to disable reaction video recording if that is your preference.  You may add photos, videos or GIF’s to responses to replace a Reaction video at any time.   

When a message has been set to private view by either the sender or recipient it can only be seen by those two users.  The recipient may post a response which includes multimedia content when a message is opened and either party may post comments at any time once posted privately.  When a message has been set to public view upon mutual agreement by the parties, the message and any response can be seen by a broader audience.  The recipient is the only person that can post a response which includes multimedia content when the message is opened and any users who view the message may post comments at any time once posted publicly.

We may take action that impacts the availability of user content on our services.  This may include altering the privacy setting to limit the audience, removing content from a message or removing entire messages.  This may be in response to a report by a user, outside claim, violation of the Terms of Service or other legal concerns.

Choice and Control over Your Information

We provide some unique tools to enable control of some aspects of your information sharing and audience.  The privacy setting has already been described and the default value can be set by you for your convenience.  There is also an anonymous feature to allow messages to be sent anonymously if conditions permit.  In order to send a message anonymously you must choose a recipient that can be notified in an anonymous manner.  This requires that the recipient also has a valid Bequeathit services account; the anonymous feature will not be available when non-Bequeathit users are selected as recipients.  Each user can also elect not to receive anonymous messages in their user settings which will make the anonymous feature unavailable when that user is selected to receive a Bequeath. 

You also have controls over the list of users who can send, receive or view your messages when permitted.  You may add or remove other users from your approved user list and any alterations to your approved user list are mutual between the affected users.  You may also block users to prevent them from sending, receiving or viewing messages involving you.  You will also no longer view content or be able to send messages to blocked users.  Users can be re-approved or unblocked if and when desired as well.  Also note, additions or alterations to your Facebook friends will have an impact on your Bequeathit approved user list.

There are also controls to tailor your content viewing.  You can sort content by user, privacy setting, context or activity.  This makes it easy for you to view and comment on a targeted range of transactions.  You may also hide a post or comment you no longer wish to view or cause you concern on your feed.  Additionally, you can moderate your posts from your feed by editing messages and comments, changing posts to private when public or deleting your posts if desired.

When you provide the appropriate permissions and select the proper options, details of your public messages may be shared on Facebook.  This feature can be enabled or disabled by you once permission has been granted. Some permissions you have previously granted may be revoked by changing the appropriate device settings if available on your device.   Doing so may cause a loss of access to some important Bequeathit features and services like notifying recipients you sent a Bequeath and may cause you to experience warning or error messages as a result.

Reporting Privacy Concerns

You can report any content that causes you concern to Bequeathit.  This can include concerns relating to Self-Harm, Abusive Content, Private Info Shared, Impersonated User, Hacked Account, Intellectual Property or any other concerns relating to your privacy.  We recommend you report any concerns to Bequeathit and use the Hide Post or Hide Comment feature to remove the content from your feed. 

Usage by Minors

Our services are not intended to be used by anyone under 12 years of age on Android devices, or under 17 when using Apple devices.  Authorized users should report suspected minor user accounts under these ages to Bequeathit using the reporting features provided with the Bequeathit services.  It is possible for minors to appear on Bequeathit in the content of authorized users and if any of this content causes concern it should be reported under the heading that is appropriate for your particular concern.  

Revisions to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be edited or revised from time to time. You should check the current privacy policy date to ensure you are familiar with the terms each time you use our services.  You can access the current privacy policy from the mobile application or our website and may receive a notification from us when an update occurs.