Frequently asked questions

Does it cost anything to download or use Bequeathit?

Bequeathit is a free app that is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

What is a Bequeath?

A Bequeath is a message that carries emotional meaning.  Bequeath’s include multimedia, unique animated emotions and other personal touches to convey meaning.  Bequeathit is perfect for the moments when “Why” you are sending a message is what’s important.

How can I send a Bequeath?

To send a Bequeath you need install the Bequeathit app and connect your Facebook account so your Facebook friends will be available to receive your message.  Then, just complete the 3 simple steps (Who, What and Why) and send your Bequeath. 

You can view a demonstration of this here

How can I open a Bequeath?

You need to have the Bequeathit app installed and an account created to open a Bequeath.  Once you do there are a few ways you can access your Bequeaths. 

  • You can follow a link from Facebook which will direct you to the Bequeath and provide the option to download the app if you haven’t already. 

  • If you have the app you can follow a device notification that a Bequeath was sent to you.

  • You can access Bequeaths to Open in your pending Items list.

  • If there are any Bequeaths waiting to be opened they are presented to you when you sign in.

You can view a demonstration of this here

How does privacy work?

Bequeathit wants to put your privacy in your hands.  We provide features to let you determine who can see your content, what type of content is created and if you are comfortable with anonymity.  You can also set your default privacy setting to determine the starting privacy setting for all the messages you send.  The privacy setting is set to the strictest level requested by the sender and recipient for that Bequeath.

  • A Bequeath can be sent privately so it will only be visible to the person you send it to.  When you are sent a public message you have the option to make it private if you prefer so it is only visible by you and the sender.  Basically, if you or the other party feel a Bequeath should be private it will be.

  • You can also decide whether you want to have your reactions captured.  When captured they are stored on your device unless you decide to share them.  They will be public or private depending on the privacy setting you and the other party set for the message.

  • You may also decide whether you will receive any messages from anonymous senders.  If enabled people will be able to send you Bequeaths anonymously but when disabled this option isn’t available.

How does anonymous work?

You can hide your identity as the sender of a Bequeath by selecting the anonymous feature.  This is done by pressing the head silhouette icon in the lower left hand side of the Send a Bequeath page.  When active the text “Anonymously” will appear above the photo/video area and the icon will glow.  Pressing the icon again defeats the feature.  This feature may not always be available to you for the following reasons:

  • The recipient you selected is an Android user who is 12-17 years old.  The Anonymous feature is unavailable to minors for the safety and protection of this age group.

  • The recipient you selected has elected to Reject Anonymous Bequeaths from all senders.

  • The recipient you selected does not have the Bequeathit application and we cannot notify them without revealing your identity.

A user may also decline your Bequeath when sent anonymously even if they were notified and have not disabled your ability to send an anonymous Bequeath to them.


Your normal feed contains the Bequeaths sent to and from you whether they were public or private.  It will also show the public bequeaths involving your connections.  They are arranged in the order they were received with the most recent at the top.  When you first visit your feed you will temporarily see your basic profile at the top.  This area shows your name and profile image from Facebook, it also shows your current aura level earned on Bequeathit, the number of connections and pending items you have.  The Facebook share button toggles between sharing public bequeaths on Facebook (blue) or not (gray) when permission to publish to Facebook has been granted. 

You can view a connections feed by pressing on their profile image in your feed.  This will show their basic profile and provide options to connect, disconnect or block them depending on your current relationship status.  The Connection filter limits content to their public bequeaths and any private bequeaths to or from you.  You can also press an emoticon to filter your view to show the bequeaths that included that emoticon.  Additional filters can be accessed by pressing the "filter" button in the upper right-hand corner.  When a filter is active this button is used to return you to your normal feed.

You can view the photos, videos or GIF’s included in bequeaths by pressing them.  You can view the full screen content in either portrait or landscape mode.  The message button in the lower right hand corner lets you view or hide the message sent as well. 

You can also view or enter comments on the Bequeaths you see by pressing the appropriate button under each entry.  The counter in the view comments button will show the number of comments that have been posted with the bequeath they are about.  The add comments button will allow you to enter a comment.

There is an edit button next to each bequeath and comment that allows you to edit or delete the information you've entered and other options allow you to hide or report them if desired. 

How do I manage connections?

Connections are mutual and invitations must be accepted by the other party.  Since your connections originate from Facebook changes made there will impact your Bequeathit list.  We provide additional options to manage your Connections List so you can add or remove other users.  Connections that also use Bequeathit will have a “crown” next to their name to identify them.  You will have more flexibility in how you can communicate with them when they also have Bequeathit. 

  • You can send requests to add new people from their feed, they'll receive a request and when they accept they will be added to your Connections List. 

  • You can Disconnect from users which will prevent you from sending or receiving Bequeathit messages from them but will be able to view their transactions on your feed. 

  • You may also Block users which ceases all interaction between the parties. 

Connections can be re-established or unblocked just as easily if and when desired. 

Can I control what I see on Bequeathit?

You are provided controls on your feed that allow you to hide posts or comments you do not wish to see.  You may also edit or delete posts or comments you’ve made and when appropriate you can report posts or comments that cause you concern and you think warrants our review.  We recommend you hide any post or comment you report and present an option to do so after a report is submitted.  

Can I access my photos and videos made with Bequeathit?

The photos and videos you take with Bequeathit will be stored in your camera roll or gallery.  Reaction videos are stored separately (when permitted) in their own album or folder.  You may be able to move or rename them to preserve them elsewhere if you desire. 

Who is Atanu?

You may have noticed Atanu on your connections list and feed.  Atanu is literally the face of Bequeathit and connects to all users.  Atanu means to rise to superiority from the tests and difficulties of life. Atanu is courageous and confident but will refrain from being selfish. There are a number of reasons to interact with or follow Atanu:

  • When you witness an act of kindness or generosity we encourage you to let the Bequeathit universe know.  Tell the story to Atanu so the Bequeathit community can hear about it and be inspired.  You can send it anonymously if you prefer.

  • When you want to get something off your chest, say it to Atanu, the perfect sounding board.  You can send it privately or anonymously, Atanu passes no judgment and might even respond to you.

  • See the most motivational and inspirational stories on Atanu’s feed.  Atanu will highlight the very best of people both on and off Bequeathit.

What is aura?

Aura is the atmosphere that surrounds you, think of it as a visual way to show who you are and what you’re about.  The essence of Bequeathit is to be honest, real and to think of others.  Whenever you send, receive or comment on Bequeathit your aura grows.  Current aura is indicated by the color of the crowns on the feed near each user’s name and the aura indicator in your basic profile.  All users start with red aura and progress through orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and finally violet.  Violet is known as the “crown” chakra and is the highest level in Bequeathit.  That should help explain the meaning behind the Bequeathit logo. 

We have some really great ideas on how you can share and use your aura so earn your violet crown and stay tuned for more details in the near future!

Why do I need a Facebook account?

Most people already have a Facebook account set up with a community of friends they’ve worked hard to build.  Rather than have you duplicate those efforts we use this existing information so you can start enjoying Bequeathit right away.  If you don’t have a Facebook account we feel it’s still better to create one so you can take advantage of their unique ability to easily find your friends and build those communities.  You have total control over the information shared on Facebook by Bequeathit; our goal is to make the process of using Bequeathit as rewarding and easy as possible.

You can always request additional information by selecting the GENERAL FEEDBACK option in the Bequeathit app or by clicking here